Gardening is an activity that helps enhance kids life and learning skills. Today, PlanToys® will share you the benefits of encouraging kids to do gardening with you! 1. Responsibility: They will be responsible for taking care of plants. 2. Scientific Principle - They will learn about cause and effect, for example, what causes what to happen. Also, they will learn about nutrition from vegetables. 3. Physical activity - Kids will be very active when they do gardening. Their five senses will also be practised. 4. Family Bonding - Both you and your kids will get a chance to spend time together when gardening. 5. Teamwork - When you spend time doing something together, you will learn to help one another to finish a task. 6. Environment caregiver - They will learn to take care of nature and living creatures. 7. Patience - Kids will learn that no success comes easily. Many times you have to wait to see the outcome of your action. 8. Healthy eating - It is possible that after gardening, they will be interested to eat vegetables they plant.