Some of you might have already seen our playable exhibition in Bangkok, Thailand called Forest of Play. This exhibition helps us showcase the importance of play and our passion surrounding it. This year, we had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Chulalongkorn University to make this project happen!

“Most of our toys can normally be played by up to 2-3 persons at a time, why wouldn’t we make something bigger that a group of children can enjoy together?” said Vitool Viraponsavan, the Founder and President of PlanToys.

Thus, we created a larger scale of our toys using wood and papier-mâché in a natural wooden-brown tone. 

“We keep the concept of sustainability in mind [during the creation process] by using 90% of leftover and recycled parts from the toy production,” Vitool explained. “We know that colorful tone attracts children; so all children were given colorful paper which allows them to imaginatively decorate the forest.”

How can this exhibition help children? What makes it different from playing with normal-sized toys?

“As mentioned, we want to make this exhibition a play space for children to gather and play together in order to exercise their development in all ranges,” Vitool explained.

“More importantly, it’s better for parents to experience how important free play is. Their development stage can be more effective and you can raise a happy child by allowing them to unleash the natural instinct to play. When parents observe their children’s play habits, they will understand their nature, capability and how to support them in terms of development.”

This play exhibition received positive feedback from parents, children and the press. The unique concept of the play space is attractive to the press, and the feeling that our unique playthings give and the wholehearted effort behind the design of them are what have captured parents’ hearts.

This has also been a wonderful opportunity for the Chulalongkorn Art and Culture Department because both the department itself and the café nearby have increased their public exposure. In fact, the exhibition has been so popular that the department has had to request more advanced traffic control! It’s exciting to know that we are able to help other communities grow while also expanding children’s play culture.

This exhibition wouldn’t have been successful without the help of our PlanToys’ staff. All the hard work paid off! We also want to thank our president who inspired this project, encouraged us along the way and continues to increase awareness around sustainability and imaginative play in the community. With passion and a desire for betterment, he has helped us fulfill our motto of ‘Better Kids for a Better World’ just a little bit more!