One day, children will be on their own in this world - without their moms. Because of this, everything that moms do for their children enhances their ability to navigate the world by themselves!

As a toy manufacturer, we know what moms desire for their children, so we intentionally produce toys that embrace the concept of motherhood.

With this said, we’re so excited to share our Mom-nufacturer’s Talk video with you all. It took the entire PlanToys team to make the production of this video successful. We couldn’t have done it without our incredible production team and executives! During the creation process, we gathered stories from those involved and thought it would be fun to share them with you while also including some tidbits about our journey through digital marketing. Let’s get to it!

M o m - n u f a c t u r e r ‘s  T a l k

As you know, PlanToys has been at the top of the toy industry for nearly 4 decades. However, we’ve never launched an advertisement campaign on our own. Because of this, many of our customers don’t even know that we’re based in Thailand! This is one reason why we were so excited to produce the Mom-nufacturer’s Talk video - so mothers, families and customers worldwide would better understand our brand’s mission and Thai background.

Getting Started

This year, we teamed up with Choojai Ka Kalayanamitr Company Limited to communicate with parents around the world about our long-standing determination to make sustainability and customer satisfaction a priority. Deciding how to intentionally communicate this philosophy to parents was our challenge. How could we best help them understand and trust that every single PlanToys product is made with their children’s safety and development in mind? Also, where do environmental, safety and societal standards come into play with our manufacturing methods? These key questions helped shape the production of this video and served as guiding points during filming.

Just Like a Watermelon Seed

Sorasart Wisetsin, one of our video directors, compared video production to a watermelon seed. Using his past experience for reference, Wisetsin shared that typically clients come to a production team with a small story, or a watermelon seed. With help from creative professionals, this story is developed into something bigger – a whole watermelon. However, PlanToys’ video was a little different. We presented Wisetsin and the production team with an entire watermelon, not just a seed.

“What we are doing with PlanToys is so strange…they really do a lot, their content is huge like a whole watermelon,”Wisetsin said. “It is too big for us to present everything they do...we can only speak as little as a watermelon seed in a short video.”

With some creative thinking and discussion, the team realized that PlanToys shares a main concern with mothers across the world: child development, safety standards, environment and society. With this in mind, these concerns became the main idea behind “Mom-nufacturer’s Talk”.

To elaborate on this, PlanToys and Choojai conducted worldwide research by talking to mothers from several different countries to garner a better understanding of motherhood.

“We found that most mothers had similar concerns about their children,” Kosin Viraponsawan, the managing director of PlanToys, said. “Although they had different backgrounds, we discovered that their concerns were the same as what PlanToys predicted and has been striving to fix.”

Doing Our Part to Shape the Toy Industry

As a toy company, child development is a main focus, but we set ourselves apart at PlanToys by creating playthings with our own signature designs and characters.

We have also been trying to exceed safety standard requirements. Because we know that children like to put toys in their mouths, we try to use colors that are safe for children and reduce chemical use as much as we can.

Our additional focus is on the environment, which has been a passion of ours since the very beginning. Years ago, we built a large electrical plant that made it possible for us to reuse wood scraps from production to generate electricity. This became a giant piece of our sustainable way!

Our final key point of interest is the society. At PlanToys, we strive to impact our community and society positively; we want to make a difference! The parents that we interviewed agreed: We all have a duty to support and care for those who are disadvantaged because our world is a better place when we all work as one.

Piecing It All Together

Although the directors and creatives admitted that this was the most difficult project they have ever done, they feel they have also benefited from it.

Company Founder Vitool Viraponsawan’s sustainable philosophy has changed their attitudes in the workplace. For example, Vitool always tries his best to reduce waste. He saw this video shooting as an opportunity to renovate the whole factory (including the staff’s uniform) so that the production team didn’t have to create props specifically for the video and then trash them at the end. This kind of intentional leadership would inspire anyone, we think!

For this job, Choojai’s team couldn’t say no. “We have to do it because we could not find any company that has exactly the same philosophy as us,” Choojai said. “PlanToys is the client we have been looking for. Normal things that they do are even better than CSR activities of other companies.”

Of course, we were thrilled to hear that Choojai’s team was on board. In partnership with them, we would have the opportunity to help reach parents worldwide and spread the message of sustainability, child safety and happiness.

“We want to make changes for a better society,” Kosin shared. “Today, we still hope that we can create a better world through our children. We always say Better Kids, Better World because our society cannot continue to thrive if we do not build this core value. Therefore, for all PlanToys activities, we try to communicate with both parents and children to make them understand what we should do next in the future. This is PlanToys’ long-standing philosophy.”